How to Dress 70s With Normal Clothes? – Best Outfit Ideas

The 70s fashion was all about boldness and eclecticism, with its iconic trends still influencing our style today. But you may be wondering, how can you achieve that cool retro look without purchasing a whole new wardrobe?

Well, here’s a secret – you can dress in the 70s style using the clothes you already have! In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and ideas on how to bring the essence of the 70s into your everyday outfits, creating a vintage-inspired look that’s both fashionable and unique. Get ready to unleash your inner groovy soul!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how to recreate the 70s fashion with the clothes you already own
  • Unleash your creativity by incorporating retro elements into your modern wardrobe
  • Find inspiration from the diverse 70s fashion trends and styles
  • Explore women and men’s 70s fashion and how to adapt it for your own personal style
  • Learn tips and tricks for complementing your 70s-inspired look with hairstyles, makeup, and accessories

Embracing 70s Fashion Trends: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Embracing 70s Fashion Trends A Trip Down Memory Lane

The 70s were a decade of bold fashion choices and individuality. This era was characterized by its diverse and vibrant fashion trends that continue to inspire us today. From bell bottoms and platform shoes to disco style and hippies, the 70s had something for everyone.

During the 70s, retro style outfits were all the rage. People loved expressing their unique personalities through their clothing choices, and the fashion scene was filled with creativity and self-expression. From vintage clothing to 1970s inspired outfits, there was no shortage of style inspiration to draw from.

In the words of fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, “The 70s were the most colorful period of fashion history. It was a time when women embraced their femininity and expressed themselves through their clothing choices.”

The 70s fashion trends were heavily influenced by the music, movies, and culture of the time. The disco era brought forth glitz and glamour with sequins, metallics, and bold prints. On the other hand, the bohemian hippie style was all about flowy dresses, fringe, and earthy colors.

70s trends also saw the rise of bell-bottom pants, wide collars, and psychedelic patterns. And let’s not forget about the platform shoes that became a signature accessory of the era.

Channeling 70s Fashion Today

Bringing 70s fashion into your modern wardrobe is easier than you think. Incorporating retro elements into your outfits can instantly add a touch of vintage charm and make a fashion statement. Here are a few tips to help you embrace 70s fashion trends:

  1. Experiment with bold patterns and vibrant colors reminiscent of the era.
  2. Invest in key retro pieces like high-waisted jeans, flowy maxi dresses, and wide-leg pants.
  3. Accessorize with oversized sunglasses, statement belts, and chunky jewelry to complete your 70s-inspired look.
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements of 70s fashion to create a unique retro outfit.
  5. Take inspiration from iconic 70s fashion icons like Farrah Fawcett, David Bowie, and Jane Birkin.

How to Dress 70s With Normal Clothes? – Women’s Fashion

How to Dress 70s With Normal Clothes - Women's Fashion

  1. Flared Jeans or Wide-Leg Trousers: Choose jeans or trousers with a distinct flare or wide legs, reminiscent of the iconic bell-bottom style popularized in the 70s. Look for denim with a slight stretch for comfort and a modern fit. High-waisted options can elongate the legs and create a flattering silhouette. Pair them with a tucked-in blouse or a fitted top to emphasize the waist and balance the proportions of the flared bottoms.
  2. Flowy Blouses and Tops: Opt for blouses and tops crafted from lightweight, flowy fabrics like chiffon or silk. Seek out styles with billowy sleeves, ruffles, or tie-neck details for a romantic 70s-inspired look. Embrace earthy tones such as rust, mustard, and olive, or embrace bold prints like paisley, floral, or geometric patterns for added retro flair.
  3. Crochet and Fringe Details: Incorporate crochet tops, vests, or dresses into your ensemble for a bohemian touch reminiscent of the 70s. Look for pieces featuring intricate crochet work or fringe accents for added texture and visual interest. Layer a crochet vest over a simple tank top or dress, or accessorize with a fringed handbag or shawl for a playful nod to the era.
  4. Platform Shoes: Elevate your look with platform sandals or shoes, a signature footwear style of the 70s. Opt for chunky heels or wedges with a platform sole for both style and comfort. Choose shoes in rich leather or suede finishes, and consider details like ankle straps or metallic hardware for a contemporary twist on this retro trend.
  5. Statement Accessories: Accessorize your outfit with bold statement pieces to capture the essence of 70s fashion. Look for wide-brimmed hats in felt or straw materials, oversized sunglasses with tinted lenses, and long pendant necklaces adorned with eclectic charms or natural stones. Cinch your waist with a wide belt featuring intricate buckle details, or layer multiple bracelets and rings for a bohemian-chic vibe.
  6. Denim Jackets and Blazers: Layer your ensemble with a denim jacket or a tailored blazer for added warmth and style. Choose denim jackets with vintage-inspired washes or distressed finishes, and consider embellishments like patches, embroidery, or stud detailing for a personalized touch. Alternatively, opt for a structured blazer in a retro-inspired print or bold color to make a statement while staying polished and sophisticated.
  7. Maxi Dresses and Skirts: Embrace the effortlessly chic aesthetic of maxi dresses and skirts reminiscent of 70s fashion. Look for flowing silhouettes crafted from lightweight fabrics like chiffon or cotton, featuring bold prints such as floral motifs or psychedelic patterns. Pair your maxi dress or skirt with platform sandals or boots for added height and drama, and accessorize with layered jewelry and a floppy hat for a bohemian-inspired finish.
  8. Headscarves and Bandanas: Add a touch of vintage glamour to your look with a printed headscarf or bandana worn as a chic accessory. Experiment with different tying techniques, such as wrapping the scarf around your head and securing it at the nape of your neck or letting it cascade down your shoulders for a relaxed, bohemian feel.
  9. Statement Bags: Complete your 70s-inspired ensemble with a statement bag that captures the retro vibe of the era. Look for slouchy hobo bags or saddlebags crafted from supple leather or suede, featuring fringe detailing or intricate stitching for added texture and visual interest.
  10. Layering and Mixing Textures: Experiment with layering different textures and fabrics to create depth and visual interest in your outfit. Pair a suede jacket with a flowy chiffon blouse and denim flares for a textural contrast that adds dimension to your look. Mix and match pieces in varying weights and finishes, such as pairing a chunky knit sweater with a lightweight maxi skirt or layering a denim vest over a floral-print dress, to create a visually dynamic ensemble that pays homage to the eclectic style of the 70s.

How to Dress 70s With Normal Clothes? – Men’s Fashion

How to Dress 70s With Normal Clothes - Men's Fashion

Men’s fashion in the 70s was a thrilling mix of boldness and diversity. The era offered a wide range of options for self-expression, from eye-catching leisure suits to trendy bell-bottom pants and wide lapel shirts. Iconic figures like Elvis Presley with his unforgettable jumpsuits and the influence of disco fashion played a significant role in shaping the 70s menswear.

1. Embrace Bold Patterns and Colors

70s fashion was all about making a statement with vibrant patterns and colors. Incorporate retro-inspired prints like paisley, geometric, or floral into your outfits. Don’t shy away from experimenting with bold pops of color for a true 70s-inspired look.

2. Wide-Leg Pants and Bell-Bottoms

Wide-leg pants and bell-bottoms were a hallmark of men’s fashion in the 70s. Consider adding a pair of flared jeans or trousers to your wardrobe. They not only exude retro charm but also offer a flattering and comfortable fit.

3. Rock the Wide Lapels

Wide lapel shirts were a signature style element of the 70s. Opt for jackets and shirts with broader lapels to embrace the retro vibe. It’s a simple yet effective way to give your outfit an instant 70s touch.

4. Don’t Forget the Platform Shoes

No 70s-inspired look would be complete without platform shoes. These iconic footwear pieces not only elevate your height but also add a groovy touch to your ensemble. Look for platform shoes with chunky soles and retro designs to capture the essence of 70s menswear.

By incorporating these modern 70s fashion tips for men into your wardrobe, you can effortlessly recreate retro style outfits with your existing clothes. Let the spirit of the 70s inspire you to experiment with bold patterns, wide-leg pants, wide lapels, and platform shoes. Embrace the nostalgia and make a fashion statement with your own unique modern take on 70s fashion.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories: Completing Your 70s Look

To truly embrace the 70s fashion, you’ll need to pay attention to the details. The hair, makeup, and accessories of the era are what truly make a 70s-inspired outfit stand out. From big, feathered hair to bold, colorful makeup, the 70s had it all. We’ll provide tips on how to recreate iconic 70s hairstyles, makeup looks, and the essential accessories that will complete your 70s-inspired ensemble.