Romantic Weekend Getaways in the Wintertime

In need of a getaway with your significant other? Me, too. There are so many things you can do on vacation; it all depends on what you’re into as a couple and what you need at the time. Maybe it’s margaritas under the palms or a weekend on the slopes—either way, you probably deserve a break to fill your cup back up. I’ve gathered some ideas for romantic weekend getaways in the wintertime to help you find some inspiration.

Romantic Weekend Getaways in the Wintertime

Big Sky Country

If you’re somebody who lives in a place that’s warm most of the year and who loves outdoor winter activities, Montana is for you. It’s cold and windy in the winter, but the views are immaculate. For the romance factor, there are several things you can do, such as bond over skiing and snowmobiling or slow things down with a hot cocoa sleigh ride on pine forest trails.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona is a smoking-hot torch in the summer, but you’ll step into bright blue skies and crisp, fresh air if you head there in the winter. It’s one of those places where you can be from anywhere in the US and still find joy in the wintertime. This is a more outdoorsy adventure, as there are hikes, trails, and tons of golfing. But you can also slow down with a desert-vibes spa visit.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Cozy up in a cabin tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, located in north Georgia. The winter weather is perfect, with a touch of winter in the evenings and a hint of spring during the day. Renting a cabin in the woods presents the perfect bonding opportunity. I enjoy a weekend in playing board games and sipping hot cocoa by the fire; sometimes, there’s nothing better.

Palm Springs, California

Perhaps your idea of a getaway is something on the sunny side. The winter blues kick in, and you suddenly find yourself in desperate need of warmth. Located in the middle of the desert, Palm Springs is the perfect combination of relaxation and romance. You can retreat to a mini oasis with mountain views, palm trees, and some of the most delicious mid-century modern architecture.

No matter where you choose to go, a romantic weekend getaway in the wintertime is often the break we need. The winter blues kick in and the holidays stir up a lot of chaos, so it’s important that we remember to take the time and step away with the ones we love.