6 Best Men’s Jewelry Items To Wear This Winter

egardless of who you are, one thing to remember is that your outfit never feels complete without an accessory or two. Meant as the glue that ties your ensemble together, jewelry accessories can elevate the presence of your outfit without having to do much. A simple chain and watch can add the finishing touches to a casual fit, while a statement ring might be all you need to complete formal wear.

6 Best Men’s Jewelry Items To Wear This Winter

Pendant Necklaces

When some people see the word “pendant,” they might envision themselves wearing a large, obnoxious, medal-like accessory. Luckily, that’s not quite the route you want from this specific tip. Pendant necklaces range in size, so you can achieve more by wearing less.

A simple metallic corded necklace with a dog tag or a coin pendant is enough to add a bit of visual interest to a casual outfit.

Kitschy Accessories

These acrylic accessories are understated but incorporate a colorful, unique statement to your wardrobe. For comparison, kitschy jewelry is similar to the beaded or puka necklaces you would usually see closer to the coast that remind you of sand, salt, and sea.

Minimalist Rings

Men’s rings are usually minimalistic and void of gems and other sparkling components. However, men’s rings make a strong case in dressing up the hand and wrist area for black tie events and other formal events.

What makes these particular pieces significant is their versatility, not just during the winter but all year round.

Cuban Link Chains

For the jewelry enthusiasts out there, Cuban link chains are one of the best and most visually appealing pieces to don during formal events, outings, and realistically, on all occasions! These chains can be a bit flashy but can also be the missing link when getting ready for the day.

These brilliant chains are versatile and can display your personality and draw the viewer’s eye across your ensemble.

Silver Cuff Bracelets

Much like minimalistic rings, cuff bracelets may be plain but offer an opportunity to dress your wrists for the occasion. If you regularly wear a watch and are looking for something to wear on the opposite wrist, consider sporting a minimal cuff to introduce interest to your jeans and t-shirt combinations.

Metallic Watches

Titanium watches are well-designed and well-priced accessories that radiate a clean aesthetic. Whether it be an outing with friends or a special occasion, you can seldom go wrong with a crisp watch on your wrist.

Jewelry is a form of expression, and when it comes to men’s jewelry, the message is no different. Look your best with any of these men’s jewelry items to wear this winter for that extra touch of finesse to complete your outfits this season.