How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

When designing a bathroom that has a luxurious look to it, there are a few things to look out for. Luxury doesn’t always mean expensive; you can save on things that won’t last as long in your design, and splurge on items you want to last. Follow these steps to achieve a designer bathroom that allows you to relax and put your self-care first.

How to Design a Luxury Bathroom?

Create a Vision Board

When planning any home project, you should get all your thoughts organized and visualized. A vision board is a great way to do so. There are multiple online platforms that can be used to create a digital vision board, such as Canva and even Target. Using the Target platform, you can select specific furniture and decor, and see the layout with your room’s dimensions. This ensures that everything fits and goes together seamlessly. Canva allows you to focus on color schemes and a more general design concept while Target creates a full 3D picture of the room using only their products.
Pick Out Fixtures, Tile, & Lighting


The focal point in every bathroom is the vanity. You’ll want to choose a bathroom vanity that makes a statement and grabs your attention. It is also important to keep in mind how big or small your space is and what will meet your current needs. Whether that be a double-sink, floating, or hardwood vanity, the options are endless. Upgrading your shower/bathtub should be your next focus. Get rid of that old fiberglass shower/tub combination and upgrade to a large walk-in shower with glass doors and a stand alone tub, to achieve a luxurious look and feel.


The right tile in your bathroom will ultimately set the tone for your design, but choosing a luxury tile doesn’t always mean it’s the most expensive option. You can achieve a designer look for less by including an expensive tile that has a lot of intricate detail and a pop of color. Then, if needed, find ways to reduce the cost by either choosing a ceramic tile with a similar look or using the expensive tile in a small area of the bathroom (typically in the shower) accompanied by a more generic option. You’ll still get the benefits of a high-end tile without breaking your budget. Another feature that can elevate your bathroom is heated flooring; you will truly appreciate this as there is nothing worse than cold tile on your feet, especially during the winter time.


Keep your space light and bright to boost your design, giving you that “luxury resort” aesthetic. One way to make sure your space is well lit is to include various types of lighting. Canned lights in the ceiling work best for lighting up a dark room, but aren’t always the most luxe. Use these if lots of light is needed, but be sure to mix in an elegant chandelier above the tub and/or beautiful sconces around the mirrors to catch your eye. If possible, natural lighting is the best way to go. Big beautiful windows by your tub will not only light up your bathroom during the day, but it will also create a personal oasis for you to relax after a long week.


The decor in your space is what will tie your design together and give the room some character. When trying to achieve a luxury look in your bathroom choose items that look expensive. Gold accents are very popular and look high-end, and decor pieces that are heavy and sturdy will give off a designer look. Include popular decor trends in your design to be sure your space is up-to-date. Go for a clean look and ensure that your decor matches the color scheme of your bathroom; lots of neutrals and bright whites will help you achieve a designer look in your master bathroom.

Luxury can be achieved many different ways, with many different design styles. Keep in mind these tips mentioned above to transform your bathroom with or without the help of a designer or contractor.