When Not to Make Moon Water: Key Timing Tips

The moon, with all its magic and mystery, will not always be on our side. Imagine holding a pure glass jar with crystal clear water and trying to make the powerful moon water. 

Will it be the perfect time for this magic, or will it give you any opposite effects? Knowing when not to make the moon water is equally important as knowing when to make the moon water. If you don’t remember the bad times, go through the blog and follow the timelines while making the moon water.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is simply water charged by the moonlight overnight. It is used for several spiritual practices, religious rituals, and personal desires. It is believed that moon water can absorb the moon’s energy and act as a tool for granting the wishes and desires of life. 

It is made by keen observation and long-term preparations. The benefits of moon water can change according to when and how it is consumed.

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What is the perfect time for making moon water?

  • Full Moon: Most people select a full moon day to make the moon water. This day is considered a powerful day for charging the water. Also, the moonlight will give us enough time to achieve our goals.
  • Waxing Moon: It is called the growing stage of the moon, the period between the new moon and the full moon. These days, moon water is used for fresh startings and new beginnings in career or personal life. 

When not to make moon water?

However, there are certain times that are not perfect for making the moon water. According to the Astrologer Chani Nicholas, even though there are full moons, some you may want to make moon water perfect or desire, and some you absolutely do not. 

Besides this, there are other days that the moon’s water can’t meet the expected needs properly.

Lunar Eclipse

The eclipse occurs when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon. This can happen two to five times a year. In some years, no such lunar eclipse has occurred. 

During this time, both the lunar and solar energy are not stable and become unpredictable. So it will not be the perfect time to make moon water. You can wait for a better time to do this and will get the moon power with maximum effect. 

New Moon

Some of the people are making moon water at the new moon for the new beginnings in life. However, as the starting stage, it only has less moonlight. It may lead to inadequate charge of powers. 

However, you can make it on the new moon or full moon day, which is completely your personal preference and interest. Just make sure that your intention or wish matches the time and method of making moon water.

Stormy or Inclement Weather

The stormy, rainy, or inclement weather makes the sky more cloudy and ends up with dark clouds in the sky. So, it has the chance to block the moonlight from the sky and interrupt the making of moon water. 

It is always better to wait for calm weather and clear sky to make the moon water. This helps the water to charge more and get maximum benefit. 

Personal Negative Energy

Even when all the factors like weather, day, and sky are clear, if you are haunted by negative energy, consider avoiding the process.  

You have to clear your mind from all the negativities and calm yourself. You can try meditation or prayers for that. Only a clear mind can focus and accurately do the mission. So, if you are making the magical moon water, you should acquire a very positive and relaxing mind. 

Polluted or Contaminated Environment

If the surroundings you planned to make moon water in is not a hygienic or contaminated environment, you better not make it at the same place. The pollutants may have chances to mix with the water and cause several health problems. So try to avoid such places. 

Remember to keep the surroundings neat and away from pollutants and dust.

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Tips to increase the power of the moon water

There are so many tips to increase the power of moon water than making it usual. One easy method is to write down the wish in a paper and keep it near to the moon water, while making it. The other most common tip is using a spell before drinking the water, it can be anything like ‘May this water grant my wishes’.

The essential tip is to check the zodiac sign with a full moon day. Each full moon day comes with particular zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has different powers and magic. For example, the zodiac sign Gemini is for good communication and adaptability. If you make moon water on the full moon day with the zodiac sign Gemini, you can become brighter in accurate expression in communication and cognitive flexibility.

Like this, you can check each zodiac sign’s specialties and make moon water according to your needs. 

FAQs on When Not to Make Moon Water

When should I drink moon-charged water?

You should drink the moon water on an empty stomach in the early morning. It will help you to get the most benefit from it.

Where should I put my moon water?

You can put the moon water at the terrace, stairs or window where you will get the high amount of moon light directly without interruptions.

Do you put a lid on moon water?

Lid is not a necessary thing for you. If you feel like putting on a lid, then go for a glass lid to enter the moonlight.