Tips for Enjoying Your Home in the Winter

Winter, otherwise known as cozy season, is almost upon us. You can either dread the short dark days or embrace them and make the most of the snow and cold! Check out these tips for enjoying your home in the winter.

Tips for Enjoying Your Home in the Winter

Add Some Shag

Adding fuzzy textures to your home can reinforce a cozy vibe for the cold months ahead. You don’t have to go full-blown 1970s, but a few carefully placed accent pieces, such as a small faux sheepskin area rug or a throw blanket, can make your home feel like a ski lodge.

Get an Outdoor Fireplace

Get an Outdoor Fireplace

Curling up in a blanket is great, but what about enjoying a fresh snowfall outside? With an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, you can enjoy your yard with your family and friends. If you’re looking to get one, keep in mind a few considerations when shopping for an outdoor fireplace. These include the size of your yard and whether you’ll want to use it primarily to cook or only for warmth.

Use Seasonal Scents

The type of scent in the air is sometimes a forgotten aspect of creating a comfortable home, but it can invoke some great memories. An essential oil diffuser offers relaxing aromatherapy while humidifying the dry air from the furnace. You can choose pine scents that make you think of the holidays.

Create Evergreen Centerpieces

spring flower

Yes, the spring flowers and trees are dormant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven up your space with evergreen centerpieces. You can create centerpieces for family dinners or end tables from winter greenery like holly, pine, blue spruce, or pinecones. Pairing them with candles can also give your home’s ambiance an intimate and relaxing vibe.

You can use greenery to create seasonal wreaths, too! These tips for enjoying your home in the winter are sure to make any home cozier during even the coldest nights.